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The village of Wojcieszyn is situated upon the Skora river, a tributary of the Czarna river that flows into the Kaczawa river in Legnica.

The village is located in a triangle created by three volcanic-origin hills: Wilcza Góra (367m above sea level), Ostrzyca (501m above sea level), and Grodziec (389m above sea level).

It is a region famous for gold mining of which boom is dated back to the Middle Ages. In recent years, gold panning in the Kaczawa and Skora rivers has become again popular. In Złotoryja, every June, the International Gold-Panning Championship is kept. Other geological attractions are semi-precious stones for which Lower Silesia is famous.

The vicinity of Wojcieszyn is a peculiar tourist area. Here one can visit Ostrzyca with its unique basalt block fields, and Grodziec with its castellan’s castle. In Złotoryja there are numerous monuments, including a gold mine and a gold museum. Cycling and horse riding along the region may bring many unforgettable impressions.

Not far from Wojcieszyn there is the Chełmy Landscape Park with picturesque ravines and forests. Standing on tops of many hills you may enjoy a beautiful landscape of the Karkonosze Mountains.