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Rancho pod Strusiem

The company was established in 1985, first as an English translation office. However that time we thought about ostrich-breeding, not in a town of course.

Our country period has started since 1999.

We have purchased an old farm in a village of Wojcieszyn located upon the Skora river about 10 km far from Złotoryja (30 km far from Legnica, 100 km far from Wrocław, 76 km far from Zgorzelec).

The residential house is about 200 years old. It is evidenced by the year 1807 found in 3 places engraved in sandstone of which the house had been erected.

How to find us? Look for maps in the "Region" web site. There are also found information and pictures of our village and its vicinity.

The "Pod Strusiem" ["Ostrich"] Rancho requires renovation and adaptation for agricultural tourism purposes. Certain works have already been completed. Among other things, our pub has already entertained guests, those who want to stay a bit longer may book one of two rooms with bathrooms . A scope of services we can provide is presented in the "Offer" web site.

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Addresses and phone numbers:

  • Seat in LEGNICA
    ul. Poznańska 37B/9
    59-220 Legnica
    Telephone: +48 76 8522863
  • FARM
    Wojcieszyn 80
    59-524 Pielgrzymka
    GPS: 51o 08' 40" N
    15o  50' 18" E
    Telephone & fax: +48 76 8775949
    Mobile phone: +48 509 048 891
    +48 513 122 708
  • rancho@blackostrich.eu